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You want to create an animation or a simple graphic application. Which language should you use? How much time do you spend to finish? And how many difficulties do you deal with when designing? Try using 3DProS and find out the difference between it and other languages.

3DProS is simply a programming tool. It is written to help people create 3D animations, design custom 3D controls, and solve lots of graphic problems easily, just by dragging and dropping. Besides a built-in language called MathScript, it also supports FreePascal and MinGW C++.

Since beta version was released, I have recieved many suggestions, they were a great encouragement to me. Now 3DProS 1.0 is released and I hope it will be useful for you. In this version, all source code are also available.

If you have any comments about this product, don't hesitate to drop me a line.

System requirements

- OS : Window 98 or above
- Required software : .NET Framework and DirectX 9
- Processor : 500MHz or faster
- RAM : 128MB or higher


3DProS is distributed as freeware. You may use and modify it any way you like, as long as you don't charge money for it or remove the copyright notices.